1 Book 1 Child Initiative

Our “1 Book 1 Child Initiative” in Sierra Leone, Africa is our part of our global ministry to ensure that Sierra Leonean children have access to high quality, educational books.

We are blessed to adopt Wesleyan Primary School in the Lumley district of Freetown, Sierra Leone. In June 2016, we provided 100 free copies of Charlie Red Can Help and Charlie Red Goes to Work to the 115 children aged 6-7.

Partner With Us

We were unable to provide all 115 children with a book on our first trip. However, you can help change that. Purchase books under our 3-for-2 Partnership Program and will add an additional book for every two books you purchase and donate.

Call us at 202-688-5481 or use the contact form below to unite in combating global poverty through literacy.

Most public schools like Wesleyan only receive 5 reading books to use among 115 children. For most of the students, their copy of Charlie Red is the first book that they have ever owned. There are no public libraries in Sierra Leone.