Charlie Red Can Help (Grade K)

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Inspired by the life Dr. Charles R. Drew

Blood Bank Pioneer


Dr. Charles R. Drew

This historical fiction story is based upon the life of Dr. Charles R. Drew, the African American scientist who created blood banks. His nicknames were Charlie and “Big Red.” Dr. Drew’s father did not finish high school but viewed education as important. He bought Charlie books whenever possible. At the age of 12, Charlie began selling newspapers to earn money. He soon hired six boys to work for him. This theme of working hard to achieve his dreams appears frequently throughout Dr. Drew’s life.

Charlie Red uses quick thinking, team work, and a decision to not give up on his goal to sell newspapers even when they all go downhill. Our “Charlie Red Goes to Work (Grade 1)” story retold for children learning their first Dolch pre-primer sight words.

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Author: Sapphire Jule King | Illustrator: Citlalin Morales
Paperback: 5.5 x 8.5 | Page count: 32 | Illustration count: 27 | Word count: 102