A Global Book Ministry

As a philanthropic organization, Nikki House Books donates one book for every two books sold through our 3-for-2 Partnership Program on all titles to combat the fourth grade reading achievement gap. In the U.S. alone, there are over 20 million children aged 5 to 9 who may be enrolled in grades K to 3. However, amongst African American, Native American, and Latino children in this age range, only 18 to 21% of them will be reading at or above proficiency when they reach Grade 4. Globally, many of the 250 million children read below proficiency levels by Grade 4.

2013 NAEP 4th grade reading by race


Thus, our prayer is that through our giving, both individually and in partnership with other philanthropic networks, we will play a major role in reversing these trends by granting access to leveled readers at such a critical stage in these children’s educational development.

Partnership Opportunities

Pre-Release Giveaway: schools and nonprofits can receive free books and an author visit on our pre-release tour

3-for-2 Partnerships: foundations, businesses, nonprofits, NGOs, and individuals can designate nonprofits to receive our donations

1 Book 1 Child Initiative: individuals, foundations, NGOs, and businesses can help supply books in Sierra Leone, Africa