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Rethinking Books for Early Readers

We have developed the Easy Next Step reading system to support each child’s literacy journey. The same story inspired by real-life heroes of color is written with the same illustrations for each foundational reading level from Grade K to Grade 3. We carefully select beginner sight words from each grade level to ensure that the overall reading level does not exceed the first half of the respective grade year. As a result, children are guaranteed a “beginner” book at each reading level from K-3.


Now, when a child graduates to the next reading level, he or she can return to the familiar world and familiar characters of his or her favorite story and delve deeper into the action and dialogue. The known environment of the physical book will help ease the anxiety, fear, and frustration commonly experienced when presented with advanced vocabulary and sentence structures.

Special Features

Our books include special features that integrate well public school, private school, charter school, homeschool, and community-based afterschool curricula, reading, and ESL programs.


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